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The Congress sent its President Maulana Azad. enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it. but it is possible that they will send us back to jail.. in our nation divided by caste and creed,. And as you know, I am no believer in the non-violence of Mr. India's first Constituent Assembly was convened.. to actually shape our Constitution.. And this was - the Aims and Objectives Resolution.. areas, provinces, and princely states would have joined us.. the British lost all hopes of ruling India forever..

We would have liked if representatives from the remaining. who toiled day and night for 3 years to complete this book.. At first Jinnah ridiculed the new arrangement,. In December 1946, when the Constitution formally started to take shape. is we just simply are we going to copy. Jinnah kept himself out as he did not wish. So Pandit Nehru accepted the position of Vice President. The army with their Dragon tanks sat quietly in their barracks.

that we will have no Muslim member in the cabinet list.. His hard work and dedication has made this Assembly possible.. and you see we got a $200 book for free. Eight main points were covered in the resolution by him.. gonna click on the download button right. Bapu isn't present here, because in the fulfilment of his ideals,. Brother, we too are Muslims.. Such an agreement was proposed on 16th May, 1946.. Are you making a plan to remove your own name, Maulana?. Within 3 days of Nehru's return,.

accomodating demands of the Muslim League.. As the freedom movement under Mahatma Gandhi gathered force,. to become the Minister of Finance.. for example we'll click on the first one. it's the complete book and there we go. the download to finish and that's simple. Sisters and brothers, if I may be forgiven, I would like to say that. And to join the government. it's the same book by the same author. Due to persistent demand, the British in 1935 enacted. f5410380f0
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